Sick of making little or no money from your digital products after the launch is over?

Flippa Super Seller With Over $275k In Sales Will Teach You How To Turn Your Digital Products Into Large Upfront Cashouts In As Little As 1 Week…

Then, I’ll show you how to do it all over again, creating new in-demand products and launching them quickly with a high-profit flipping exit strategy!

Everyone Who Has Launched A Product Online Has Run Into This Problem.

It’s no secret. You’ve launched your product and the sales rolled in…

…But then it all stopped.

Now, your product that you worked long and hard on is sitting there, gathering digital dust and putting $0 into your pocket.

You had big affiliate support on your launch… but those affiliates have now moved on to the next bight shiny launch, while you hear crickets chirping.

Maybe you had the bright idea of selling (“flipping”) the product and sales website. But trying to make high profits from flipping websites can be extremely difficult.

A trickle of low bids can be demoralizing and result in practically giving away a product you KNOW should’ve sold for more.

Or maybe you successfully flipped your site, but had major headaches while transferring it to the new owner.

Sale or no sale, you’re left with that “what next” feeling, while you watch $0 coming into your PayPal each day.

It’s no wonder that most people who try to flip web properties for high profits and then develop even more profitable properties to flip give up.

But the truth is…

Turning Quickly Developed And Launched Products Into Large Upfront Cashouts… And Then Doing It All Over Again…
Is Much Easier Than You Think.

Hey there, I'm Brad Gosse.

And yes, I’ve been down the same road.

These days, things are soooooo much better.

(That's my Flippa avatar on the left... notice that I have 100% positive feedback on over $275,000 in transactions...

This is important to remember...

I'll tell you why in a minute...)

I regularly achieve five-figure sales with my site flips...

I help clients flip their sites for big profits (how’s $70,000 for a product flip sound?)...

I maintain a 100% positive feedback rating on Flippa as a Super Seller with over $275,000 in transactions.

I've never forgotten all the hard work it took to get to this point.
In fact, it’s taken me years of trial and error to get here.

I’ve been in online marketing since the late 1990s. I’m practically a dinosaur when it comes to Internet time. With that much time, I’ve had 4 average marketers’ shares of products that made good bank… and products that flopped like a rotten banana peel.

And the successful products, more times than not, have had a big launch, but then only kick out a sale or two here and there afterward. If I didn’t have such a short attention span, I’d have released fewer products and worked to drive more traffic to the ones I did put out.

But I’m more interested in moving on. I’m more interested in exit strategies.

That’s when I started flipping my products that had gone through the launch process.

Over that time, I’ve had to figure out:

The best ways to set up site flip listings to generate maximum interest...

A process that makes moving the site from buyer to seller as effortless as possible (and even profitable – yes, I make money during the TRANSFER process!)...

How to come up with ideas for profitable products that flip buyers would literally salivate for...

Even how to get paid big $$$ for helping other people flip THEIR websites.

It's taken a lot of time and brain cells to figure it all out.
It wasn't easy at all.
So I really couldn't blame you for giving up if...

You’ve tried listing one of your websites on Flippa but only had pitifully low bids that resulted in very little money in your pocket.

You’ve successfully flipped a site but had nothing but time-consuming headaches when transferring the site to the new owner.

You’ve tried to come up with new flippable product ideas but only wasted months of time and thousands of dollars on dud losers.

I’ve Been In Those Shoes Myself.

I won’t lie, I thought about giving up after my first few flips. But I didn’t. I spent years learning the ins and outs of digital product development and profitable site flipping.

I had a number of breakthroughs that have brought me to where I am now. They were all strategies that anyone could’ve thought up and developed. I just happened to be the one who stuck it out and did it.

Now I have regular success with multiple Flippa listings at any one time, five-figure auction results, and a string of happy clients whose properties I’ve helped flip for big cash in their pockets. Many of them have gone on to create new products, with my help, that have flipping after launch as an exit strategy.

I find that I’m now answering the same questions over and over again. People come to me every day wanting to know how I do it. They want to flip their digital products for a nice payday. And they want to rinse and repeat.

So I sat down with my longtime friend Pat Flanagan (a product development and launch powerhouse himself) and brainstormed how we could best help everyone. We thought about different products we could produce that would answer the questions -- maybe an ebook or something.

Then we thought about putting together an audio course. In fact, we recorded a few calls that compiled all my profitable site flipping and digital product development strategies, plus plenty of launch info from Pat). But these still didn't do the trick, they remain unreleased.

Finally, It Hit Us... There Is Strength In Numbers.

So many people wanting to know how to profitably flip their launched products and sites...

So many people wanting to do it again, and again, and again...

What if we gathered those people into a private group, where we could not only answer their questions, but we could cultivate a group of successful product developers and site flippers who can work together to take everything to the next level.

Sort of a product developing, site flipping army, where the success sum is greater than anything each individual could come up with on their own, myself included!

For A Very Short Time, You Can Become A Charter Member Of Our

The ONLY Private Mastermind Run By A Flippa Superseller...
For People Who Want To BECOME Flippa Supersellers!

If you want to know how I was able to create a cycle of quickly developed and launched digital products with a flipping exit strategy for large cashouts... Well...

This is it.

And trust me, my strategies are probably going to make you angry.

Not because they don’t work or because they’re dirty or illegal (everything I do is totally legal and ethical).

It’s because it’s all pretty simple stuff
you'll kick yourself for not thinking of.

So simple, you’ll have no problem
learning and executing them yourself.

Come up with ways to work with each other so we all profit even more...

Share success (and failure) stories for everyone's benefit...

Brainstorm product development ideas -- we all have more ideas than we can do ourselves...

Discuss product launch strategies and how well they worked (Pat will be big on this one, he's managed dozens of launches for me and his other clients, plus developing his own products, as well)...

You'll all of these benefits and more, by being a member of the ONLY group to learn what I do... and how and why I'm so successful.

In addition to our regularly scheduled group meetings, The FlipRepeat Private Mastermind Group will be your source for the best networking opportunities with the upper echelon of product development, launching, and flipping.

Your group moderator, Pat Flanagan, and I will always be around to answer your questions, share insightful ideas and strategies, expertly critique your products and sales pages, and share with you the combined 35 years of online marketing experience we have!

Because we want you to be as successful as possible, members of the FlipRepeat Private Mastermind Group will also receive...

The FlipRepeat Strategy Calls

Over 4 1/2 hours of recorded discussion between
myself and Pat Flanagan, where we lay it all bare:

My Flip Success Strategy

You'll learn my never-before-revealed site flipping insider secrets I've learned along the way, saving you years of risk taking and hard work.

My Product Development Strategy

You'll learn the way I come up with profitable product ideas to quickly develop, launch, and flip, so you don't end up with a string of money-sucking losers.

My Hater-Ade Strategy

You'll save time and aggravation by dealing with Flippa trolls MY way, which can even increase your flipping bids. (This is more important than you think!)

My Success Doubling Strategy

You'll learn how I've LEGALLY and ETHICALLY made more than a single sale off a single flip -- this secret alone can explode your income.

My Setup Success Strategy

You'll save headaches AND make more money by learning how I set up my products and site flips for ownership transfers that are both easy and profitable -- I squeeze profits out of areas no other site flipper has thought of.

My OPF (Other People's Flips) Strategy

You'll learn why other people are happy to pay me big upfront fees or even a 50% share of the proceeds, just to list their flips for them.

PLUS... The FlipRepeat CheatSheets

Why reinvent the wheel, when you can use our exclusive collection of templates and cheatlists that we use for flips, launches, product transfers and more. These will save you bucketloads of time -- your most valuable commodity!

Here's What Some Of My Clients Have Said About My FlipRepeat Strategies

This was prob my best investment yet! Brad is such a nice man to have business with, super professional at all stages. I am very happy!

- Flippa Comment, Website Sold For $15,000

Great purchase experience, easy transition, and lots of post sale follow up and teaching/training... Great experience and would highly recommend.

- Flippa Comment, Website Sold For $11,820

Brad is a true mentor and cares about his customers. Fast, professional transfer and ongoing coaching that's from a real Internet Marketing veteran.

- Flippa Comment, Website Sold For $17,225

So... What's The Catch?

That's a fair question. Why am I taking all my strategies and putting them out there for anyone to use?

Well, of course, I like to make money. But that’s not the big reason. Like I said earlier, I want to cultivate a group of successful product developers and site flippers who can work together to take everything to the next level.

Sort of a product development site flipping army, where the success sum is greater than anything each individual could come up with on their own, myself included.

You could always spend months or years learning the ropes and developing your own successful flipping strategies like I did. You could throw your money at product development after product development, rolling the dice on an eventual success.

But why waste any more time and money groping around in the dark for a solution, when you can get my years of experience laid out right in front of you?

That’s a bit quicker than the do-it-yourself route, isn't it?

Plus you'll get the ongoing help, new tactics, and strategic networking opportunities that nobody else will get.

And don’t worry.

As a charter member, you get an amazing deal.

But There Is Just One Thing...

This special offer will be closing at 11:59 PM EST on Monday, February 2, 2015.

I want to give you the chance to be a charter member of our FlipRepeat Private Mastermind Group at a much lower price than you'll see it for in the future. I want to get this show on the road.

But no worries, I want to make this decision as easy as possible for you…

My Guarantee To You:

Become a charter member.

Soak up the immense amount of information we're sharing.

Then put it to use.

If your next flip fails and you are unhappy, we'll give you your money back.

Yes, I'm Ready! How Much Will This Cost?

The inevitable question everyone asks...

First, let me quickly recap the benefits you'll receive as a charter member of my FlipRepeat Private Mastermind Group...

Your Exclusive Private Group Membership
($10,000/Year Value)

This is obviously the major value for your business.

You will have private access every day to our live discussion group, with help from myself and Pat Flanagan on your flipping, product development, and launch issues.

You'll also have regularly scheduled group meetings, where we will discuss the "state of the flipping union." We will also have specific topics that will be secret to our group.

You'll have the networking opportunities that come from being a member of an elite advanced private group of your peers. (There is immense value in this, being in networking groups like this has secured numerous deals for both of us in the past).

Members Also Receive...

The FlipRepeat Strategy Calls
($497 Value)

My Flip Success Strategy

My never-before-revealed site flipping insider secrets

My Product Development Strategy

How I come up with hot product ideas to quickly develop, launch, and flip

My Hater-Ade Strategy

My way to deal with Flippa trolls -- saves time and can actually increase bids!

My Success Doubling Strategy

How I've made multiple sales off a single flip -- legally and ethically

My Setup Success Strategy

How I set up my products and site flips for easy and profitable transfers

My OPF (Other People's Flips) Strategy

How I get people to happily pay me big fees just to list their flips for them.

Plus, The FlipRepeat CheatSheets
($197 Value)

FlipRepeat Private Mastermind Group membership has a value well over $10,000 and will be priced as such after this charter member promotion.

Secure your charter membership in my FlipRepeat Private Mastermind Group today and get our years of experience and knowledge laid out
for you every day on a silver platter for only...


FlipRepeat Private Mastermind Group


FlipRepeat Private Mastermind 1 Year Mbr 4 Payment Plan

We're truly excited for you to join us in the FlipRepeat Private Mastermind Group. We both know you'll start seeing the results you're looking for when you apply the knowledge you'll get as a member.

And your results will keep getting better and better with time.

Talk to you soon!

Brad Gosse with Pat Flanagan

Have a question before you join? Ask Brad direct @ bradgosse on Twitter.


FlipRepeat Private Mastermind Group


FlipRepeat Private Mastermind 1 Year Mbr 4 Payment Plan


P.S. If you let this offer pass you by, I can guarantee only one thing: nothing will change in your business. At least, not for a long time, if you choose to do it yourself. But, become a charter member of the FlipRepeat Private Mastermind Group right now and you’ll be on your way to selling your web properties for higher profits and easily developing even more profitable properties to flip. All you have to do is click the buy button now.


FlipRepeat Private Mastermind Group


FlipRepeat Private Mastermind 1 Year Mbr 4 Payment Plan


P.P.S. Keep in mind, we reserve the right to raise the membership fee at any time. Click the buy button below and become a charter member today at a price that will never be lower!


FlipRepeat Private Mastermind Group


FlipRepeat Private Mastermind 1 Year Mbr 4 Payment Plan

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